Youbot driver ros interfaces

The usage of the youbot liveusb is not limited to the onboard pc of the kuka youbot, however, it may be difficult to install it on some pcs due to graphic card drivers. Due to the underlying implementation relying on bitwise and and or integer operations, the voxel grid only supports 16 different levels per voxel column. If the ethercat devices are connected to the second interface or to an interface with a different name, you have to edit the configuration file. All users are invited to study the source to get an understanding how an ethercat master functions and how it interacts with ethercat slaves. To run my program, i have to first run all the startup scripts such as roscore and my robots driver. With the next ros debian update cycle hopefully this should be fixed. The ros wrapper of the youbot driver or kuka youbot api provides an interface of the youbot driver to the ros framework. Failed to get question list, you can ticket an issue here. Known supported distros are highlighted in the buttons above. Before installing the stack, there are several addition ros packages that must be installed globally on the system.

So far it is recommended to compile it yourself, as described here the second problem with the error no socket connection on eth0 is usually due to. With this wrapper you can move the base and the arm of the youbot by sending ros messages. What is the best hardware interface system for a new robot project. The second solution named custom ros controller requires that you build your own webots controller that will also be a ros node using webots and ros. In addition, the driver has been used with simulated work cells roboguide v7, v8 and v9 running m20ia, m430ia2p, m900ia600, lr mate 200ic all variants, lr mate 200id with r30ib, and an r2000ib175l. It also has a software emergency stop and a command velocity safety node. With this wrapper, the base and the arm of the youbot can be moved by sending ros messages. Look up text string that belongs to al status code. For ros a wrapper of the driver exists that allows to control the robot via. These packages complement the packages released by kuka available from the kuka youbot store. Hi, the debian package for the youbotdriverrosinterface did not work yet because of missing run time dependencies.

If you encounter this issue we advise you to install the normal ubuntu instalation and install ros and youbot packages manually. It implements an ethercat master based on the free soem library, tailored to the specific ethercat protocol of the youbot. With the drivers installed, you can now write lowerlevel controllers with the youbot api, however you still need kukas youbot ros stack in order to use control the youbot via ros. To set a setpoint or read some sensor values form the joints you have to use the youbot jointdata classes. Hi wnowak, i am working with ros, i try to program kuka youbot. Arm cortexm3 microcontroller hall sensors ethercat interface position, velocity, current pidcontrollers i2t monitoring. Controlling the kuka youbot arm with a dual shock 4 youtube. The internal pc of the youbot for example does have two interfaces, so you will always get two different names.

Youbot motor controllers each joint has its own motor controller, wich contains. For more information and comparisons with other ros industrial drivers, see the hardwarecompatibility page. The occupancy grid can support 3 different representations for the state of a cell. I installed ros indigoyoubotdriverrosinterface but it shows me error. Launch files and scripts needed to bring ros interfaces for nao up into a running state. I access my ros running robot wirelessly using secure shell ssh. Making my own autonomous robot in ros gazebo, day 2. When this shows the message that the robot is initialized, start in another terminal while the youbot driver keeps running. The ros navigation stack configured for the kuka youbot. It provides a closed form ik, which only calculates the end configuration of the joints based on the actual position of the arm. A wrapper around the epos command library to provide easy integration with ros control. This package provides a ros wrapper for the kuka youbot drivers.

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